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I Wonder…

So, I’ve been thinking about this word…wonder.

Being a professional development and instructional coach is about living in a world of gray.  If you are someone who needs things to be black and white, then being invited into the world of “I wonder” is an invitation to “let go” and embrace gray.

“I wonder” is so freeing because you become open to whatever the outcome may be. When we “want” or “hope” or “wish” for something, we run the risk of being disappointed when our desire does not come to fruition. We may be missing what the world has to offer by narrowing our desire down to the one selection we have made. If the outcome was not what we had in mind, we feel let down rather than interested in an alternative option.  “I wonder” opens the door to being open to all  the possibilities and to the fact that we may not always know what would be best. Personally, I am trying to eradicate the wants, hopes, and wishes from my vocabulary and to just “wonder” what will I experience next in every personal and professional interaction.

As a coach, it is very important that we suspend our opinions, prior experiences, and strongly held beliefs in order to put ourselves in a place of openess and respect with the teachers we work with. We need to wonder how things are working for them, wonder how we can be of help, wonder what their goals and dreams are for themselves, their students, and their classrooms.  It involves placing ourselves in a place of “gray” and allowing the teacher we coach to take the lead on where our journey will take us.

I wonder how this blog will encourage, inspire and create great educators?

I wonder…


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi